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Star kids play school is full of ample space with especially designed activity-rooms where kids learn, listen, hone their skills, imagine to create new things, learn how to paint their imaginations, build physical strength in uniquely crated swings and climber, where they learn to stretch there muscles properly. the locations are mostly upmarket quiet places. where education activities can be carried out unhindered.

A place where kids put their brain to work with fun

The teaching methodology is child focused and involves interactive teaching techniques using best of the equipment and materials. we lay emphasis on maximum use of games, toys, teaching aids well trained staff to attain best results. All the learning activities at star kids are designed in such a manner that kids learn it all by doing it there own. they touch, explore, feel, enjoy, and learn it by doing it with the help of carefully selected toys, games, activities, teaching aids ans equipments.

Our Aim, Vision And Mission


Our aim is to providing an age-appropriate early child hood programme which promotes co-operative learning environment that fosters all areas of development cognitive, physical, social and emotional. this would challenge children to learn according to their individual growth pattern.


Our vision is to promote education that caters individual growth and produce ethically successful citizens of tomorrow.


We deliberately chose specific projects that we believe will have greatest impact on the outcome we are trying to achieve. By aligning and focusing the at all levels. Project have clear time lines for their start and completion and they are regularly reviewed.




Admission policy

Education is the right of every child. we provide open entry for admission in order to provide equal opportunity to all. admission will be given to subject the availability. age has to be are as under

Play Group 2 years to 2.5 years
Nursery 2.5 years to 3.5 years
K.g.lower 3.5 years to 4.5 years
K.g.Upper 4.5 years to 5.5 years

Requirement for admissions

the list of documents to be submitted at the time of admission are as follows:-

  • Admission from( completely field )
  • One certified true copy of the childes birth certificate( if available )
  • Three passport size colour photographs.


How to star kids different from other pre-school?

Star kids is different because:

  • Our curriculum includes themes of ethics and management.
  • Our curriculum enhances the abilities to face the pace of changes.
  • Our wide open play grounds enable children's physical development.
  • Our eco-friendly infrastructure boasts of good standards of hygiene and care.

Learning principles

Effective educational planning for young children takes into account knowledge a human growth and development in the areas of physical, ethical and intellectual. the learning principles that guide the planning include the following:-

  • Children learn as total persons (Socially, Physically, Emotionally, Ethically and Intellectually.)
  • Children learn through their senses (Learning, Seeing, Touching, tasting and smelling.)
  • Children learn through active involvement. (Exploring, Playing, Manipulating and problem solving)
  • Children learn through attitudes as well as through contents therefore attention will be given to methods, emotional climate and environment with focus on teacher-child interaction.
  • Children learn through experiences therefore sensitivity to the value of play is required, for it is through play that children create their own meaning and learning schemes. play it work for a child.

Philosophy & goal

Star kid aims to provide three way inter related approach(brain, soul, body). our goal is to provide every child, according to their own temperament and needs, with separated play , social and emotional learning experiences with children of their own age. the children will have the opportunity to learn to respect and accept the rights and also the differences among people.
The realistic goals for pre-schools are:-

  • 1) To help child achieve intellectual growth.
  • 2) To help child develop a positive self concept.
  • 3) To help child increase skills and competence in reading, writing, comprehending, thinking and speaking.
  • 4) To help child develop ethically, in values and manners.
  • 5) To help child increase the skills involved in physical co-ordination and health
  • 6) To help child develop co-operative, caring relationship.

Words from Desk's


Director's Message

Dear parents and my lovely children of Star kids School, I take the opportunity to extend my gratitude to parents of children for entrusting their young once in our caring hands. I take pride in saying that Star kids has emerged as the best primary school of Narnaul. Various activities are conceived like Grand Parents day, Father's day in our school. The aim of these activities is to broaden the perspective of the children and to ascertain brilliance.

- Rajesh Kumar

Principal's Message

True education is what a child carries through life after having forgotten what he reads in the text books. Education and learning should not be confined to the rote methodology but should give a child values, a capacity to face challenges and to what knowledge instead of dulling its edges. School need to provide more than mere syllabus & examination oriented education with cultural & value based activities.

- Rekha Yadav

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